Note: The information provided here refers to past Digital Media and Learning Competitions, and is provided for archival and reference purposes only. If you are seeking the current Digital Media and Learning Competition, please navigate to

The Badges Competition is now closed. Click here to view the winners.


Step One:

Create an account at FastApps.

Step Two:

After logging in to your confirmed Fastapps account, click:
"Badges For LifelongLearning - Stage 1 : Content and Programs" if you are applying to Stage 1
"Badges For Lifelong Learning - Stage 2 : Design & Technology" if you are applying to Stage 2.

List showing Badges for Lifelong Learning link item circled

Step Three:

Complete your application by filling in all required fields marked with an asterisk, inputting your proposal (1,000 words for Stage One applications, 1,500 words for Stage Two applications) in the text box provided, and uploading any supplementary materials.

Note: You will also be able to embed and upload supplementary files including your visual project aids (images, links, video) into the "Proposal" box. You can do so in one of two ways.

For supplementary materials which will appear at the bottom of your application form, use the Attachment fields following the Proposal box.

If you wish to embed visual materials within the body of your proposal please use the Insert Images and Insert Link features in the Proposal box editor instead.

We strive to keep our websites ADA compliant and as such will require all applicants to provide alternate tags for any images, and transcripts for any videos used in the application process. Please see our FAQs for more detailed information.

For more detailed instructions on using FastApps, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

Step Four:

Submit your application by clicking the submit button at the bottom of the page.