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My Girl Scout Sash is an App




More than 3.3 million girls will have the opportunity to become Girl Scouts this year.  Millions more will not unless Girl Scouts exponentially expands current institutional capacity and bandwidth by creating Girl Scouting as a virtual leadership development pathway through “My Girl Scout Sash is an App”.

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) is an outcomes-based framework for building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place, based on the principles of discover +connect + take action = leadership for girls ages 5-17.  Our badge ecosystem is supported by curriculum, credentials, and experiences that develop 21st Century skills and career opportunities.

Our council, the largest Girl Scout Council in the world, serving 86,000 girls and 24,000 adult volunteers and members, will provide girl leadership, professional expertise, and project coordination to the initiative.  Over 22,000 of our Girl Scouts are served through community outreach out-of-school time programming in underserved communities through programs created in collaboration with educators, principals, and parents within the community.

Our Council, through the Empowering Communities Initiative, will ensure the program is available to our national movement of more than 3.3 million girls and 50 million women alumnae. 

Badge Content Proposal and Considerations


Girl Scouts will facilitate the “My Girl Scout Sash is an App” initiative through which girls, volunteers, educators, and community leaders will gain the skills to build simple Android Apps.    The “My Girl Scout Sash is an App” curriculum will allow girls to create and design a mobile App for the Android operating system tied to The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting.  The tools are easily accessible via and all software and hardware is free to download.  Learning occurs in a linear manner starting with elementary Apps and progressing towards more complex Apps culminating in the girl’s ability to independently construct Apps unique to her Girl Scout experience.  The curriculum is inquiry-based learning from the start, encouraging participants to extend and enhance the Girl Scout Leadership Experience through technology.


My Girl Scout Sash is an App” will teach girls the three stages of App development:

  • Modeling:  Allows girls to be creative and design solutions.  Using various media, participants model a tool to personalize The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting program.
  • Programming:  Girls build upon their model by creating a program with various properties and define the rules on how each property interacts with each other and how they exhibit the Girl Scout leadership experience.
  • Demonstration:  Allows for trial and error in which participants test reliability, usability and performance of their App.


Reach the direct target audience of girls, middle to high school, and the in-direct target audience of volunteers, educators, principals, and parents.

Partners and Resources

GS has long partnered with Motorola Mobility Foundation who has agreed to be our primary collaborator in Girl Scout App development for digital badges and our virtual sash.  Motorola Mobility is a long-term investor and advisor to Girl Scouts locally and nationally.  

The resources will be The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting and the Girl Scout Leadership Journey curriculum plus:

  • Instructor
  • Classroom/Computer Lab
  • Laptop with Internet connection
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Google account
  • AppInventor Software (Internet connections required to run)
    • Windows:
    • MacOS:
  • Java 6 plug-in (enables participants to run video based portions of the App Inventor
  • Supplementary media files to create multimedia apps

The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting handbook introduces girls to the Girl Scout experience by level.  Girl Scout levels by grade include: Daisy (K-1), Brownie (2-3), Junior (4-5) Cadette (6-8), Senior (9-10), and Ambassador (11-12).  The Guide outlines the national proficiency eco-system for each Girl Scout level.  Leadership Journeys are the age-progressive curriculum for building girls’ leadership.  The three series are: It’s Your World – Change It! is about self-esteem; It’s Your Planet – Love It! is about protecting the environment; and It’s Your Story – Tell It! is about sharing her voice.


Badges are about developing 21st Century skills and career development by learning about and experiencing identities and roles.  Current Identities and roles include but are not limited to Inventor, Computer Expert, Dancer, Scientist, Money Manager, Philanthropist, Business Owner, Musician, Digital Photographer, Product Designer, Entrepreneur, Book Artist, Public Speaker, Digital Movie Maker, Website Designer, Textile Artist, and Adventurer.  Through “Make Your Own” badge Apps, identities and roles become infinite.

Opportunities and privileges are provided to girls on a progressive basis through their badge work and outreach into their communities.  Apps extend these opportunities and privileges by connecting girls to each other through a shared experience via technologies.   

The existing assessment is the completion of badge work by level of proficiency.  An important element of badge earning is the ability to demonstrate or share a new competency with another girl.  Badging through mobile apps will allow her to gain immediate competency feedback and share her competency with girls locally and globally.

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