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Badges For Vets


The Badges for Vets program proposed here is in response to a solicitation for a solution to  help Veterans leverage their military training and unique skill sets. Our solution proposes the VA establish a platform that visually represents military training in the form of a digital badge. Digital badges earned would serve as a visual representation  of real world skills and life lessons learned while serving our country in all branches of our nation’s military. At a glance, prospective employers will be able to verify military training completed and be absolutely confident the Veteran applying for a position with their company has the training and skills necessary, making him or her the best possible choice for their company.

 To access the Badges for VETS program, users would first browse to and then the sub-menu Benefits & Services. Under Benefits & Services they would click on the link Badges for VETS.

 After clicking on the link Badges for VETS, under the Benefits & Services sub-menu, users would be presented with the Badges for VETS web portal. The web portal would provide links for the Veteran registering for the program or a potential employer wanting to verify the Veterans military training in response to a request for employment.

 From the Badges for VETS web portal and by clicking on the Veteran Portal link, the Veteran would be directed to this page and presented with this form to complete. The Veteran would enter their personal information, dates of service, military branch and job classification codes. Once completed and after clicking submit, a confirmation of completion and automatically generated pin number would be emailed to the Veteran. The pin number would be used by the Veteran to view their own digital badge folder or shared with a prospective employer so they could view the Veterans digital badge folder and verify training indicated on an application for employment.

 From the Badges for VETS web portal page a potential employer, after clicking on the Employer HR Portal link would be directed to this page. The prospective employer would provide the Veteran’s first and last name and enter the pin number provided by the Veteran seeking employment. After completing the form and clicking submit, the prospective employer would be presented with the Veteran’s digital badge folder.

 As a result of either the Veteran or the prospective employer entering the first and last name and pin number the Veteran’s digital badge folder is returned. This page represents the military training received in the form of a visually distinguishable badge. The blue badge on the left represents Logistics, specifically truck driver training and experience. The yellow badge on the right represents Mechanic, specifically, auto mechanic. Badges in the same skill set could also be designed to return different colors in the same training field to represent highest skill level attained in that field.

 We think the Badges for VETS program has tremendous value to the Veteran and their quest for gainful employment. We propose the Badges for VETS platform be stood up as quickly as possible, part of an iterative process, developed and delivered in stages of increasing complexity and functionality. The first iteration would simply leverage existing VA server space to create a Badges for VETS database. VA database developers would pre-populate the database tables with military branch data, military job classification codes and associated badge ID’s and badge images. Veteran data entered via the Veteran web portal would be compared against pre populated data and where it matched, a digital badge would be returned to the Veteran’s digital badge folder.

 A more complex model would include interfacing with other agencies databases ( or for example) to corroborate the Veterans military training. If the data entered by the Veteran matched both the VA’s database and a third party’s database the badge would be returned to the Veteran’s digital badge folder. Other scenarios would leverage partnerships developed with social job and resume builder sites. Online forms would include a field for the Veteran to enter their Badges for VETS pin number and have their digital training badges returned and displayed on an online resume or  social job site profile.

 • The program will leverage knowledge gained      from  managing the VA’s Talent Management
System (TMS)

• The program will leverage knowledge gained from  leveraging the VA’s Employee Education
 System (EES) and their relationships with
national accrediting bodies

• Develop the Badges for VETS program leveraging existing  synergies with other VA job outreach programs to include VA For Vets

• Leverage and develop partnerships with
 4 year universities, community colleges
 and technical schools under the current  Post 9/11 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon program

• Develop partnerships with social media
 sites to include,,
 Linkedin and Facebook

 We, Eric Burg and Bob Sparkman are both Air Force Veterans and work for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. We would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in a program that highlights our Veterans skills and a program that generates digital badges and confirms for prospective employers military training and life long leadership skills learned while serving in our nation’s military.

adges For Vets

adges For Vets Program

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