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Project and Teacher Mastery Winners

supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Project Site: Adams County School District 50
Stage 1 Application | Stage 2 Application
Lance Christmann, EffectiveSC
Jeni Gotto, Adams County School District 50

LevelUp is a web-based system that enables learners of all ages to develop skills that align to their goals. Learners achieve this by mapping content, curriculum, and everyday learning experiences to their progression on an individualized competency map. LevelUp will enable anytime, anywhere learning to be mapped to many systems, including K-12 schools, colleges, extra-curricular activities, or job training.

Pathways to Global Competence: A Badge System for Students
Project Site: Asia Society
Stage 1 Application | Stage 2 Application
Jessica Kehayes, Asia Society
Eric Docter, ShowEvidence

Asia Society is creating a badge system that progressively denotes globally competent youth leadership. Global competence is the capacity and disposition to understand and act on issues of global significance. Supporting students’ ability to demonstrate their learning, this system engages learners in more powerful, relevant, and self-directed way as they master skills and knowledge enabling them to develop their identity as a global youth leader.    

Youth Digital Filmmaker Badge System
Project Site: School District of Philadelphia
Stage 1 Application
Simeon Schnapper, Youtopia, SDP, PYN
Grace Cannon, Philadelphia School District
Harvey Chism, Philadelphia Youth Network
Mike Pompey, Philadelphia Youth Network

The Youth Digital Filmmaker Badge system introduces students to the art and science of digital filmmaking.  Ninth grade students are supported in exploring a combination of five identities: story developer, editor, filmmaker, collaborator, and digital storyteller.  The collective identities are defined by corresponding academic, technical and 21st century skills.  The academic skills are English Language Arts standards drawn from the Common Core Standards. Consequently, students are eligible to earn digital badges and core academic credit for the work they produce while creating documentary and narrative short films.


supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Who Built America? Badges for Teaching Disciplinary Literacy in History
Stage 1 Application | Stage 2 Application
Leah Potter, American Social History Project
Ellen Noonan, American Social History Project
David Langendoen, Electric Funstuff
Spencer Grey, Electric Funstuff
Jim Diamond, Education Development Center
William Tally, Education Development Center

Who Built America? Badges for History Education is an online professional development learning community where teachers practice and master the skills of effective history teaching, and design materials to help students master Common Core literacy skills. Developed by American Social History Project in collaboration with Electric Funstuff, Think Design, and Education Development Center, Who Built America? Badges for History Education combine proven professional development methods and compelling social history content.