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DML Competition 3 Winners


Project Description:
A game aimed at learners aged 7 to 11, EcoBugs encourages learners' interest in the environment as they explore their surroundings to create, collect, and monitor the health of virtual 'bug' species. Players design their own virtual bugs to release into the wild, but must consider the environmental conditions of their particular surroundings to insure survival after release. Bug colonies are located using maps, accessed on player's phones or computers, and specimens are collected when a player goes to that location-whether in a school, a local neighborhood, or a national park-with a GPS-enabled mobile. When biological or environmental factors cause a population decrease, players must work together to figure out how to improve the situation.
Award Amount:
Project URLs:
  • In progress
Project Leadership:
  • Stephen Sayers
    Futurelab Education
    Bristol, United Kingdom
Project Collaborators:
  • CX Partners