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DML Competition 3 Winners

Hole-in-the-Wall: Activity Based E-Learning for Improving Elementary Education in India

Project Description:
Bridging the digital divide by reaching previously underserved children in the developing world-urban slums and remote-rural populations, ethnic minorities, juvenile home detainees, and children with special needs-Hole-in-the-Wall has installed over 500 public Playground Learning Stations across India, Bhutan, Cambodia and countries in the African continent. Game-activities promote experiential learning that is mapped to prescribed primary grade curricula across various subjects, Hole-in-the-Wall's Activity Based E-Learning Solution imparts a playful learning environment by encouraging learning through self and group exploration beyond the classroom.
Award Amount:
Project URLs:
Project Leadership:
  • Himanshu Tayal
    Hole-in-the-Wall Education Limited
    New Delhi, India
Project Collaborators:
  • Neeraj Agarwal, NIIT Foundation
  • Ganesh Krishnamurthy, NIIT Limited
  • Sanjay Gupta, NIIT Limited
  • Vivek Kashyap, NIIT Limited