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Game Changers
Kids Competition 2010

LittleBigPlanet™ Winners

  • William Cuddy, Canada
    River Rush!
    Team: Rush! (Richasackboy)
  • Haley Hanson, USA
    Reflections V7.5
    Team: VolcanicStardust (VolcanicThor, Stardust_Gal)
  • Cole Hildebrandt, USA
    The Elements . . . and Bombs
    Team: 42 Donuts (Cole H. and Non W.)
  • Paras Mehta, USA
    Almost Impossible
    Team: ninjakids (Paras Mehta, Kevin Mehta)
  • Kirk Miller, USA
    Super Spy
    Team: Team Miller (Kirk, Dominic)

Spore™ Winners

  • Samuel Barch, USA
    El Fin
    Team: Team Doomsday (Gengar114)
  • Davey Barron, USA
    A World Devoid
    Team: doozercrew (doozerdude)
  • Brock Carter, Canada
    Saving Private Roto (Spore)
    Team: Team Nurv (Brock)
  • Caleb Craig, USA
    Team: Team Areon (CoolCaleb7800, elizabeth705)
  • Philip Greene, United Kingdom
    The Thomb of Khafra
    Team: Evolution (Conquest1600)
  • Robert Groome, USA
    Island of Illusions
    Team: Malacinator (Malackasurus, Geckonator97)
  • Jack Hanson, USA
    LIVE or DIE
    Team: Thor_In_The_Sky (pelicanthor, bunny_in_the_sky)
  • Khloe Ilsley, USA
    The Ghost Ship
    Team: Dreamweaver (Khloe14)
  • Aidan Robak, USA
    Aronzo and the Treasure
    Team: TheGreatOcean (Arsonfire)
  • Demetri Sofides, USA
    The Lantern Bearer
    Team: Team Fezonn (Fezonn)
  • Aaron Thomson, USA
    Star Jump
    Team: Star Master (Aaron Thomson)
  • Henry Williams, USA
    The End
    Team: Droid (Inferno7, Jaconan)